Where does all the Lazy Lotus magic happen?

  • Oakland, CA, baby!  We make things in our houses, on the bus, outside in the sun with a beverage in hand, on road trips, and really whenever & wherever possible.  We're always creating, and everything is handmade.

How can I get my hands on some of those amazing smelling candles?

  • Check out our online shop!   We promise, you'll love it.

Can you make custom candles for my event?

  • For sure.  We can customize size, fragrance, labels, or containers (dependent on the size of the order).  Our turnaround time is quick too!  Most orders will be available within a week of payment.  Just email us at info@lazylotusdesigns.com.

But what if I want to check them out & smell them in person?

  • Come say hi to us at one of our events!  We'd love to meet you :)

What materials do you use, and are your products eco-friendly?

  • We work with all US-based companies to source all of our materials that go into our candles.  We use wax that contains nothing but soy, so there are no icky fumes that you'll be breathing in.  We also use a clean-burning, eco friendly wick that is lead and zinc free.

How long will my candle burn for?

  • We never want our candles to end, but unfortunately the time does eventually come.  The good news is that you should get at least 40 hours of burn time out of your candle, and that time could only increase if you follow the awesome burning tips we have listed next.

I want my candle to last as long as possible!  Can you give me some tips on how to burn it correctly?

  • Of course!  You never want the wick to burn too hot or too large, so you'll always want to keep your wick trimmed to 1/8 of an inch.  You can do this with a pair of scissors, a fancy wick trimmer, or, if you're like us, we just stick our fingers in there & pinch the large part of the wick off.  As easy as that :)  You'll always want to keep your candle burning for at least 2 hours so that a full wax pool forms & it continues to burn evenly.  However, you'll want to stop burning around the 4 hour mark so that your candle doesn't burn down too quickly.

Once my candle is done, can I reuse the jar?

  • Definitely.  It's super cute, isn't it?  Once your candle is down to about 1/2 inch of wax, discontinue use.  You can then either recyle the jar, return the jar to us for a jar refund (see below), or reuse the jar for yourself.  To reuse the jar, pour the wax into a disposable container, wait for it to harden, and then throw the container away.  Or, some of our customers have used the leftover wax from a few candles to make a candle of their own!  There are many tutorials out there on how to do this.  Once the wax is out of your jar, you should be able to just wipe down the jar with a rag or paper towel to get rid of the leftover residue, and the wick should come free with just a little tug.  Once the jar is free of any wax, we pop them in the dishwasher to make sure the jar is squeaky clean.  The empty jars can be used for anything you can dream up!

Tell me about this jar refund process!

  • If you come see us at any of our events with a used jar (with lid) from one of the candles you previously purchased from us, we'll give you $2 per jar returned off of any candle purchase. The jar & lid must both be in reusable condition (no cracks, chips, or scratches).  You don't even have to clean them out...we'll take care of the dirty work :)

I'm getting antsy!  If I place an order online, how long will it take to get to me? 

  • All orders are shipped in 3 to 5 business days and should take another 3 to 5 business days to land on your doorstep.  Sometimes the USPS (our shipping partner of choice) likes to play hide & seek with packages, so it may take a little while to track down in those (rare) cases, but we promise, it's worth it.  

Although your candles are amazing, I'm just not loving the smell, can I return it?

  • Absolutely!  All unused candles can be returned within 30 days for a refund (excluding initial shipping costs).  You can send them back to us using your preferred method of shipping, or we can send you over a shipping label (which will result in a $7 deduction from your refund).

Why aren't you in my favorite retail store? 

  • Well, shucks, I don't know!  I'm sure we'd love to be.  Keep us in the loop at  info@lazylotusdesigns.com, as we're always looking for new opportunities to showcase our goods.

I own a store, how can I get your products on my shelves? 

I've heard of people doing candle parties.  Can you hook me up?

  • Yes, absolutely!  What a super fun idea for a party or get together.  We can even do custom fragrances, labels, or even containers.  Just email us at info@lazylotusdesigns.com